iCadence - the best assistant of the musician!

iCadence - your personal rhythmical assistant. If you have an iPhone® or iPod touch® *, if you are a musician and tired of carrying your metronome to rehearsals. If your child is in a music school, if you are a team leader, in a band or orchestra or if you record sounds and often live in the studio performers, in all cases iCadence can help you.

iCadence provides all the basic functions of a professional metronome absolutely free. In addition, we offer convenient and useful extensions that will help you in the learning process, amateur music-making and in the professional work of the musician, composer and sound designer.

Our program is designed by musicians, and therefore will communicate with you on a musical rather than technical level, in terms familiar to the musician. We combined professional technology for you, with a convenient and simple, intuitive interface.

Main features:

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