iCadence - Specifying background-mode and a remote control of the program



iCadence program supports work in the background along with other programs or with the screen off. This feature can be useful in certain situations. Here are some of them:

  • you need to open a parallel text or music score in another program
  • you work in the headset and want to hide your iPhone® or iPod touch® * in your pocket
  • you want to lock your device wich is still in sync Slave, so that outsiders do not have access to your information

Please note that this function of work in the background is disabled by default in order not to spend needlessly battery of your device. To activate it, press the button on the main screen and select "Settings". Turn on the "Run in background" to activate the background. After that the program will continue to work when you switch to another task or switch to the home screen.

When the metronome is running or is in sync, the program for your convenience blocks automatic turning off the screen of your device. But when the metronome is stopped, "turn off the screen" function is operating normally. If you want the screen never turned off while the program iCadence is working, for example during an important rehearsal or lesson - turn on the "Prohibit off the screen".

ICadence program fully supports the remote control function implemented in your device, both in normal and in background mode. You can control the metronome using your headset and use the control center. To start / stop the metronome use your headset main button or control center. To switch the sound bank in the control center use the buttons for move to the previous / next track. Switching of the sound bank on the headset can be done by double and triple tap on the main button. For work of this function in the background you need to activate it as it described above.

Opportunities for work in the studio and during the concert performance

*iPhone, and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.