iCadence - The main screen



Key elements of the program management and the pointer indicator are on the main screen, which is available immediately after the start of the program.

  • To start and stop the metronome, press in the lower right corner of the screen
  • To adjust the tempo of music, swipe up and down
  • To change the time signature swipe once on the screen to the right or to the left. The next or previous item selected, respectively, from the collection of time signatures
  • Selecting the sound bank by the buttons and
  • To activate the TAP (tempo detector) and the shake-detector press to the bottom of the screen
  • To turn on / off the sound , press to the left side
  • To activate the flash use button *
  • To activate or change the synchronization, press "sync"

Buttons: "start the metronome", "mute", "flash control", "synchronization" serve as indicators reflecting the current state of the corresponding function.

The current tempo and time signature displays in the right part of the screen

A list of a tempo marks in Italian corresponding to the current tempo is displayed at the bottom of the screen

At the top of the screen there are the indicators of the current bar (measure) and beat.

Press on the time signature indicator on the right side of the screen to go to the manager of the time signatures **

To call the tempo assistant (reference of the tempo marks), press on the indicator showing the current value of the tempo. **

To access other settings and functions of the program press the

TAP and Shake detector

* The flash is available only on devices equipped with this functionality

** Manager of a time signatures and the tempo-assistant are available after buying the Essential pack.


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