iCadence - Working in the studio and during the concert performance



iCadence program offers a number of unique features for working musicians in the studio and during the concert performance.

Working in the studio

In the recording studio our program allows the sound engineer and performers to replace a large number of the headphones to one or more iPhone®, iPod touch® or iPad® *. For this application has the following functions:

  • Function Sync allows you to manage the program remotely "over the air" and synchronizes with other devices with installed iCadence, and with the sound workstation that supports MIDI-clock protocol and CoreMIDI Network
  • A bright and colored indicator which allows precise control of the visual rhythm in simple cases replacement of conductor
  • Indication of rhythm by using the flash that allows you to monitor the rhythm visually
  • The function of fast switching on and off the sound that supports remote control

Our program can effectively supplement the studio facilities that are already available to the engineer, and also facilitate the work of all the participants.

Work at the concert

In some genres where the exact compliance of rhythm plays an important role for the musician, the program iCadence can make work easier for the musical bands during rehearsals and performances. You do not need to take any additional expensive equipment. To synchronize multiple slave devices with the master unit head of the ensemble you need only the devices themselves and the active connection to Wi-Fi (possible to use ad-hoc network).

The tools that can be employed in the studio will be useful for you. And, in addition, you can use the shake-detector which allows simple strokes of conducting to set the initial tempo of play. Adjusting the tempo of the master device may be done in real time.

Also, instead of the visual indicator you can use a headset to replace successfully your complex system headphones for a work by "click". Support for the work in the background will hide the device in your pocket and not be distracted by its setting and adjustment, relying on the master device of the team leader

Key steps to resolve emergencies

*iPhone, iPod touch and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.


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