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General Information

Synchronization is an unique feature of our program. You can link together so many devices with the program iCadence as you want. *. To do that, you need an active Wi-Fi connection (the use of ad-hoc network is possible) and your devices with software installed without any other additional devices or programs.

In addition, you have the ability to synchronize the program with any popular computer music system that supports the MIDI-clock for example, well-known programs such as Apple Logic®, Steinberg Cubase, Ableton Live, etc.

iCadence supports standard protocol MIDI-clock as the master device and the client. Additionally, the program supports Notation Sysex Messages for transmission measure (bar) number and time signature, as well as switching sound banks and muting.

(Additional Information)

Sync between two devices with iCadence is very simple:

  1. Check the Wi-Fi-connection on both devices (both devices must be connected to a Wi-Fi-network, the router should allow network devices to connect to each other, or use ad-hoc network)
  2. Press the "sync" on the main screen
  3. Choose from two modes of the device: Master or bSlave **
  4. Do the same on the other your device (if one is selected Master, the other should select Slave)
  5. On the second device, you can return to the main screen by pressing the "<" in the upper left corner
  6. If it is all right, you will see the ID of the second device on the list on the first device (if it is not, then click "Refresh" button at the bottom of the screen)
  7. Select another device in the list and return to the main screen by pressing the "<" in the upper left corner

If everything is OK, a message informing you that the connection is successful appears on the second device.

Now you can manage subordinates slave device from the first one. ***

Not only can you sync start and stop the device, but also change the tempo, switch time signatures, mute the sound and switch sound banks. This information is also transmitted to the slave device.

Additional Information

To connect to arbitrary devices that support MIDI-clock, go to the synchronization manager (press "sync" on the main screen) and press on the "MIDI" at the bottom right. Select "Any MIDI Hosts" (available in Essential pack).

All devices that support MIDI-clock will be showed in the device list now.

To deactivate the "Any MIDI Hosts", repeatedly press the "MIDI" and select "iCadence only"

To update the list of hosts click "refresh" on the bottom.

To switch off the Sync mode, press the button in the upper right corner indicating the current synchronization mode (in the Sync Manager)

To configure additional synchronization options, press in the lower left corner (available in Essential pack)

In Slave mode, you can compensate the delay of the device with a slider.

In Master mode, you can disable the sending of commands "mute" and switch sound banks. To do this, press the switch.

Handbook of tempo marks (Tempo assistant)

* Synchronization of two devices in the program is available for free. To connect an unlimited number of clients, as well as to synchronize with the computer programs the purchase of Essential pack is necessary.

** In Master mode, you can control other devices with iCadence, or with supporting MIDI-clock. In Slave mode, your device will be Master-controlled device. The function of adjusting tempo, time signature, TAP and some others is not available in this mode. In Master mode, you can connect an unlimited number of Slave devices (requires Essential pack). In Slave mode, you can connect to only one Master-device.

*** When you start the metronome the inaccurate execution of the first beat of slave devices is possible (this is due to the natural delay of network Wi-Fi), but further playback devices must operate synchronously.

Cubase, Steinberg are registered trademarks of Steinberg Media Technologies AG.

Ableton, Live Pack are trademarks of Ableton AG


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