iCadence - Using the Mixer



Mixer * is a tool to adjust the musical dynamics for each beat of metronome. To play sounds iCadence uses a professional sampler with quality sound banks. Adjustment of dynamics of each beat affects not only the volume, but the tone of the metronome also. Decreasing of volume setting gives a softer sound, whereas increasing - more abrupt.

To access to the mixer, press the button on the main screen and then select "Mixer".

The upper slider "Global velocity" allows you to adjust the main volume of the metronome. The four sliders regulate the volume fraction of the metronome four varieties: downbeat, subsidiary downbeat, beat and half time (subbeat) respectively.

Lower switch allows you to reset all mixer parameters to their default values.

To turn off any beat, for example half time (subbeat), set the slider "Half time" (subbeat) to the leftmost position.

Preset management is a saving of individual settings piece

* The mixer is available in the Essential pack


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