iCadence - Preset management: saving custom settings of the song



The iCadence provides the ability to store the values ​​of time signature, tempo, bank and mixer separately for each music piece you are practicing, rehearsing, performing live or recording in the studio. Moreover, you can transfer your presets to other devices belonging to you, as well as recover data after removing and reinstalling the program with support of iCloud® * storage. **

To access the Preset Manager ***, press on the main screen, and then select "Presets".

When you first start the program, a default preset is created automatically. In the future, the last value you set the tempo and time signature is retaining in it. To create a new preset, press the "+" in the bottom left corner.

To delete presets, press the Edit button in the upper right-hand corner. Press "-" button to the left of the cell preset.

In order to make the active preset, select it in the list.

You can select presets when the metronome is running.

Essential Pack is a set of tools that enhance your abilities

* iCloud is a service mark of Apple Inc.

** The preset stores only tempo and time signature!

*** Preset Manager is available in the Essential pack


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