iCadence - Essential Pack is a set of tools which enhances your possibilities



The main Essential Pack offers the following additional tools and features:

  • Tempo assistant is a convenient interactive Handbook of musical tempo marks handbook which helps you to select the most appropriate tempo mark of music piece, to compare different variations and to fine-tune the tempo. The handbook offers options of tempo marks in five languages: Italian, German, French, English and Russian More ... Handbook of musical tempo marks
  • The manager and editor of time signatures is a set of tools for fine-tuning and convenient choice of time signature. Manager allows you to adjust the numerator and the denominator of the time signature, and specify separately the main beat of the tempo, as well as indicate the subsidiary downbeat of complex and mixed time signatures More ... Manager of time signatures
  • The mixer allows you to fine-tune the general dynamics of the metronome, and each beat of the time signature. Moreover, you can completely disable any beat or subbeat (half time) More ... Mixer
  • Additional sound banks can diversify the sounds of the metronome and choose the most appropriate sounds for your creative tasks. The package includes the sounds of musical instruments: castanets, claves, rate of clock, whip, phone dial, shot More ... Additional sound banks
  • You can save the settings of each music piece Presets manager as individual presets, synchronize them between devices using iCloud® *, quickly switch between saved settings Read more...
  • The ability to connect the unlimited number of clients in the sync mode. If you are the artistic director of the ensemble or small orchestra, or if you work in the studio, you can sync as many devices as you want More ...
  • The ability to sync with any computer programs: Apple Logic®, Steinberg Cubase, Ableton Live, etc. You can synchronize iCadence as a slave or master with any program that supports MIDI-clock on any device that supports CoreMIDI Network More ...
  • The ability to fine-tune the sync mode: on / off the function of the control the sound of slaves, setting the delay compensation for slaves More ...

To purchase the Essential Pack please go to the store: press on the main screen and select "Buy". The bottom panel will present information of the package price in your area. Click on the "Buy! Price: ..." button to make a purchase.

If you have already bought the package before, but subsequently dropped options or reinstall the program, and if you want to use the program with Essential Pack on another device owned by you, in which case you can restore your purchase. To do this, click the "Restore" button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Specifying background-mode and a remote control of the program

* iCloud is a service mark of Apple Inc.

Cubase, Steinberg are registered trademarks of Steinberg Media Technologies AG.

Ableton, Live Pack are trademarks of Ableton AG


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